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19mm large-size cam lock with wave key | Jin Tay is a lock manufacturer specializing in the design and production of smart locks, cam locks, and other hardware. We have developed intelligent electronic padlocks, cabinet locks, door locks, and an accompanying IoT management system.

19mm 8 Disc Snake Lock Wave-Cutting Key - 19mm large-size cam lock with wave key
  • 19mm 8 Disc Snake Lock Wave-Cutting Key - 19mm large-size cam lock with wave key

19mm 8 Disc Snake Lock Wave-Cutting Key


Furniture Lock, Cabinet Lock, Wave Key Lock

Cam Lock is suitable for panels with 19mm aperture, surface pearl Nickel finish. The key use special milled inner tooth structure which also named snake lock. It is a high-security lock that reference to the C-class security specification as the design standard. Cylinder design as 8 disc tumbler mechanism with dust shutter which can simply prevent objects or dust falling into the key in order to affects the quality of key insertion and rotation. The brass key with nickel-plated and blue translucent plastic cover which is easy to insert and rotate and is not easy to break or damage.

This Camlock has a wide range of uses, such as its suitable for cash boxes, game machines, coin machines, storage boxes, safe deposit boxes, furniture cabinets, cabinets, door control systems, safes...etc.

For wide use, several different sizes cam are available for customers to choose. Customized is available that make products easy for arrangement and safe use. For easy assembly, you can choose to use nuts or clips to fix the lock. The end of cylinder also can be fixed by screws.

  • Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder.
  • Stainless steel capped bezel with dust shutter mechanism.
  • Bright chrome plated standard.
  • 8 disc tumbler mechanism.
  • Brass internal wave-cutting keys, nickel plated, with plastic cover.
  • Key may be withdrawn in one or both positions.
  • Various cam configurations and rotations available.
  • Cam is affixed by screw.
  • Hex nut or speed clip mounted.
  • All keyed alike or one combination per 100 pcs standard.
  • 5,000 combinations available.
Order Information
  • Refer to drawings, samples, etc. as the confirmation of product specification before placing the order.
  • After the order confirmed, the cancellation of the order or change the order contents can be allowed within 7 days from the date of receiving the order.
  • Delivery time: Estimated delivery time for standard product orders of 3,000pcs is within 45 days.
  • The minimum order quantity of the product is 500PCS/lot, and the order of "price based on quantity" also can be accepted (for details, please negotiate with the salesman)
  • Products can be customized according to customer requirements, as: Key combination, parts configuration, wire soldering process, surface treatment, key extraction position, adding anti-vibration, dust-proof, anti-static, and other functions.
  • UL approval and RoHS 2.0 (2011/65/EU) compliant.
  • The test report of the specified project can be provided according to the customer requested.

19mm 8 Disc Snake Lock Wave-Cutting Key | Laptop Security Lock | Computer Lock Manufacturer | Jin Tay, JTIC

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. has been a security lock manufacturer. Its main security locks and hardware include, 19mm 8 Disc Snake Lock Wave-Cutting Key, smart door fingerprint padlocks, RFID cabinet locks, electronic cabinet locks, switch locks, keyless locks, heavy duty locks, cabinet and door handle locks, quick release cam locks and custom locks, electronic touch screen panel cabinet locks and Bluetooth cabinet locks, which are responsible for RoHS and REACH SVHC management.

JIN TAY has developed smart locks that combine multiple functions such as fingerprints, Bluetooth, and NFC for IoT applications. The design direction of our smart locks is, "combining technology, innovation and convenience" that can link with various high-tech products. Also, customized solutions are available. JIN TAY is proud to be a professional lock factory in Taiwan.

Jin Tay, JTIC has been providing customers with high security locks since 1980, with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Jin Tay, JTIC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.