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Jin Tay provides all kinds of security locks for cabinets, control boxes, computers, laptops, tablets, accessories, and data | Jin Tay is a lock manufacturer specializing in the design and production of smart locks, cam locks, and other hardware. We have developed intelligent electronic padlocks, cabinet locks, door locks, and an accompanying IoT management system.

Jin Tay provides all kinds of security locks for cabinets, control boxes, computers, laptops, tablets, accessories, and data

About Jin Tay

Manufacturer of Locks and Hardware Combining Technology, Innovation and Convenience

Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. was founded in Taiwan in 1980, is a professional company for the design and manufacture of various types of locks and hardware. Jin Tay product include all kinds of keylock switches, mechanical cabinet and box locks, TSA travel locks, computer security locks, etc., the use of more than enough in various industries. In recent years, Jin Tay combined with the design and module of subsidiary electronics, we have developed intelligent electronic padlocks, cabinet locks and door locks, as well as the IOT management system.

Aerial view of factory area
Aerial view of factory area

The company "JTIC" trademark is not only the company's full English initials, but also on behalf of the company's image slogan "Joining Technology, Innovation and Convenience", product design is "combined with technology, innovation and convenience" as the direction of research and development lock and the combination of high-tech products.

Establishment Background

Jin Tay set up the factory in Guangdong Province in 1992, and expand the new plant in 2002. In response to the company's transformation into the development of smart locks and the provision of cloud management solutions, in the year 2023, the company officially changed its name to LEADTECH IOT TECHNOLOGY (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD. We have CNC milling machine, numbers of fully automated processing equipment and excellent production techniques, from product development and design, mold manufacturing, zinc aluminum die casting, plastic injection, stamping, lathe polishing, painting (included Antibacterial function), automated production and assembly, all management and completion by Toyota lean production system in our China factory. Customers no longer need to find different manufacturers for different parts, as long as an idea, Jin Tay can make it into a finished product. It allowed Jin Tay to accept the Japanese hardware construction industry, as well as the United States Harley locomotives, HNI, Well-known brand computer factory and other large enterprises commissioned to undertake the manufacture of a variety of locks and related hardware parts.

In order to make the concept of security cover a wider range, the development of keyless series of locks, locking devices and blue tooth, NFC combination, mobile phone instead of key, but also combined with wireless network, cloud system to provide management services.

Our business philosophy - "no buyer, that is, no seller", we insist on the right thing, the first time completely right, and meet the requirements of customers, so require all departments to thoroughly implement the three-way policy:
∗ Quality to meet the standard,
* Operation in line with the precise,
* Delivery must be accurate.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the global market, Jin Tay is not only has the relevant testing equipment, but also has a sound ISO 9001 quality management system. Jin Tay is in the design and development capabilities of the excellent manufacturers in Taiwan and China. We offer strict control, to produce high-quality products including compliance with the European Union Green (RoHS), UL standards and the special needs of customers.

Jin Tay upholds the corporate culture, perfect staff welfare, comfortable factory environment, combined with the feelings of the extended family. Insisting on doing the right thing, and doing it right for the first time, we believe that a consistent vision, aligned with product quality, and a management policy, is an important factor in becoming a trusted business community.
Our vision - based in Greater China, looking at the international, sustainable operation to become a social responsibility, customer satisfaction-oriented enterprise.

Joining technology, innovation, and convenience combined with technology, innovation and convenience, Jin Tay Industrial Co., Ltd. is your lock and hardware products the best choice.


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