Quality Environment | Key Lock & Cabinet Lock Manufacturer | Jin Tay, JTIC

Jin tay is equipped with complete testing equipment | Jin Tay is a lock manufacturer specializing in the design and production of smart locks, cam locks, and other hardware. We have developed intelligent electronic padlocks, cabinet locks, door locks, and an accompanying IoT management system.

Jin tay is equipped with complete testing equipment

Quality Environment

Quality Control

JinTay is being from the general manager down to the production line employees who must meet customer requirements and do things right at the first time.

We have completed ISO 9001 quality system, UL product certification and green environmental protection projects all that perform by specialist's persons who responsible for RoHS and REACH SVHC management.

The Main Measurement and Reliability Equipment:

1. Automated Optical Inspection Tester
2. Colorimeter
3. Halogen Moisture Analyzer
4. X-ray Fluorescence Film Thickness Gauge
5. Elemental Analyzer Machine
6. Frequency Power Tester
7. Tensile Strength Tester
8. Thermometer
9. Paint layer thickness meter
10. Insulation Resistance Tester
11. Hipot Tester
12. Hardness Tester
13. Tester
14. CCD intelligent viewer
15. Salt-Spray Tester
16. Switch Lock Test Machine
17. Digital Torque Latch Tester
18. Various lock products Life Tester

Environmental Policy

To protect the global environment, our company vows to actively undertake various environmental protection measures and promises all its employees, contractors, and the public that it is willing to commit itself to the following environmental policies:
1. Comply with the relevant international and government regulations and customer requirements for environmental protection.
2. Develop green products in line with environmental protection requirements for low pollution and energy-saving.
3. Implement internal environmental protection-related education and training programs and maintain external environment-related communication channels.
4. Implement continuous improvement projects for continuous environmental sustainability of the Earth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, our company should respect social ethics and the interests of relevant stakeholders. In the pursuit of sustainable operation and profitability, the Company should pay attention to such factors as environment, society and corporate governance and incorporate them into its management and operation. While engaged in business operation, the Company should actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility in line with the international trend to balance the environment, society, and corporate governance. Thus, the Company can enhance its contribution to the national economy, improve the quality of life for employees, communities, and society, and promote corporate responsibility-based competitive advantage.

Quality Environment | Key Lock & Cabinet Lock Manufacturer | Jin Tay, JTIC

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. has been a security lock manufacturer. Its main security locks and hardware include, smart door fingerprint padlocks, RFID cabinet locks, electronic cabinet locks, switch locks, keyless locks, heavy duty locks, cabinet and door handle locks, quick release cam locks and custom locks, electronic touch screen panel cabinet locks and Bluetooth cabinet locks, which are responsible for RoHS and REACH SVHC management.

JIN TAY has developed smart locks that combine multiple functions such as fingerprints, Bluetooth, and NFC for IoT applications. The design direction of our smart locks is, "combining technology, innovation and convenience" that can link with various high-tech products. Also, customized solutions are available. JIN TAY is proud to be a professional lock factory in Taiwan.

Jin Tay, JTIC has been providing customers with high security locks since 1980, with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Jin Tay, JTIC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.