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Industrial transformation, entering the era of electronic intelligence and the Internet of Things | Jin Tay is a lock manufacturer specializing in the design and production of smart locks, cam locks, and other hardware. We have developed intelligent electronic padlocks, cabinet locks, door locks, and an accompanying IoT management system.

Industrial transformation, entering the era of electronic intelligence and the Internet of Things

Core Technology

By using 40 years of experience in the design and production of mechanical cabinet locks, Jintay has transformed into the development of electronic smart cabinet locks. The products currently developed include fingerprint cabinet locks, RFID corresponding cabinet locks, touch-Key panel cabinet locks and bluetooth cabinet locks, and also combine the above developments It is a multi-functional management cabinet lock. It is suitable for VIP or shared use at home, in public places, and can be unlocked quickly and correctly. The simple management system include: administrator fingerprint, management password, anti-theft copy management card, E-Key, etc. Advanced re-user bluetooth APP system to operate the lock, set permissions and use records under the background management system, and even the final authorization, it provides a good solution for the after-sales service system of the sales staff.

We develop electronical locks and intelligent cabinet lock series are designed and verified in terms of mechanism, UI, software and hardware by Jintay itself. Instead of using the existing public version module patchwork mode. Jintay has the ability to customize products to meet customer need.
Jintay was a mechanical lock factory for nearly 40 years and had transformed into the manufacture of electronical and smart locks. Module manufacturers is easy to ignore the safety of the lock body and the specifications of the lock industry because of using existing modules to fit the lock body only. When making electronic smart locks, Jintay always consider all the locks Safety regulations and usage habits as the first priority. This is advantage of Jintay.

At present, Jintay's series of products can allow existing customers who use traditional mechanical locks to upgrade to electronic smart products directly without changing the existing finished product model. We hope to grow together with existing customers and enter the world of the Internet of Things hand in hand.

Touch-key panel and RFID card dual-purpose express box lock

Product Design Features

1. Jintay self-developed modules - UI writing, fingerprint, digital password, NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi and other modules and testing machines are all developed by ourselves.
2. Electronic version - with anti-interference design, industrial-grade electronic components, excellent supply chain to provide high-quality electronic version.
3. Jintay Cloud APP - Jintay's own APP platform, the Bluetooth system adopts version 5.0, the signal command channel adopts AES128 encryption, and uses random password plus high-secrecy algorithm encryption, which effectively prevents the theft, storage, forwarding and cracking of Bluetooth signals. The layout can also be customized.
4. Background management platform - you can choose e Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Cloud or Amazon Cloud, there will be no server interruption, and the whole transmission process adopts AES end-to-end encryption.

Core Technology | Key Lock & Cabinet Lock Manufacturer | Jin Tay, JTIC

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Jin Tay Industries Co., LTD. has been a security lock manufacturer. Its main security locks and hardware include, smart door fingerprint padlocks, RFID cabinet locks, electronic cabinet locks, switch locks, keyless locks, heavy duty locks, cabinet and door handle locks, quick release cam locks and custom locks, electronic touch screen panel cabinet locks and Bluetooth cabinet locks, which are responsible for RoHS and REACH SVHC management.

JIN TAY has developed smart locks that combine multiple functions such as fingerprints, Bluetooth, and NFC for IoT applications. The design direction of our smart locks is, "combining technology, innovation and convenience" that can link with various high-tech products. Also, customized solutions are available. JIN TAY is proud to be a professional lock factory in Taiwan.

Jin Tay, JTIC has been providing customers with high security locks since 1980, with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Jin Tay, JTIC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.