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  • No. ST-040
  • Product Name ST-040
  • Description
    .Rotary vacuum suction cup, Attached to a 120° lift-turning base Axial force
    .The suction cup is specially designed with big pitch to adhere via axial force
      Max. of 20kg f/cm² holding on flat surface without tilting
    .Extra-hard silicone suction cup withstands heat to 230℃ & PC with heat-resistance to  130℃
    .Smooth-silicone for excellent slip-resistance to securely hold smartphone without damage
    .Spring clamp designed with symmetrical tension for superior holding capacity without fatigue allows phone  width size ranges from 60mm – 90mm
    .Swivel axis to enable easy adjustment for personalized viewing
    . Finger-holder for excellent convenience and portability
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