Company profile

Founded in 1980 in Taiwan, Jin Tay Industries Co., Ltd. (JTIC) is a prominent manufacturer of locks and hardware. JTIC also stands for "Joining Technology, Innovation and Convenience," the company's slogan that reflects the mission of the company. Combining locks and technology, Jin Tay provides a wide array of products, such as switch locks, mechanical locks, TSA travel sentry locks, 3C and mobile security locks.

In 1992, Jin Tay opened a factory in Dongguan, GuanDong Province of China. The factory expanded and Leadtech Metal Manufacturing (DongGuan) Co. Ltd. was established in 2002. Since then, Jin Tay has acquired the latest manufacturing, processing equipment including CNC milling machine and various automated equipment together with Toyota Production System to facilitate its automatic production & assembly process including tooling manufacturing, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting, plastic injection, stamping, lathe, polishing, painting, assembly, and quality inspection. With its competitive pricing, outstanding quality, and timely delivery, Jin Tay works with many Japanese hardware manufacturers and United States’ firms, such as Harley Davidson, HNI , and Dell to produce all kinds of locks and hardware products.

We are a one stop shop. Customers no longer need to purchase different accessories from different suppliers. Just tell us your idea and we will produce what you need from beginning to the end.

Lock is one of the many products that we produce. We are integrating 3C technology into our expanding product line so that our products can be enjoyed with great ease and convenience.

In the recent years, Jin Tay has expanded its product line from industrial products to consumer goods, catering the need for safety, practicality, and personalization. Jin Tay has successfully developed a series of keyless locks to enhance the safety feature. Bluetooth and NFC have been integrated into locks, enabling users to open doors with their mobile phones. Users may duplicate keys and control their entrance guard system through a cloud. Customized services are also available upon request.

This is what we believe:
No buyer, no seller.
Therefore, we provide customers with the quality that they need at the most competitive prices with a timely delivery.

We insist that "do things right the first time". To meet the customers' expectations, all departments are required to follow three principles: standardized quality, precise operation, and timely delivery.

To maintain competitive edge in the global market, Jin Tay has various testing equipment and ISO 9001 quality system, it is a remarkable manufacturer with outstanding product design and development. Jin Tay's products also comply with the ROHS and UL standard and meet the special demands of its customers.

Jin Tay maintains a corporate culture of integrity and honesty. We provides our employees with a comprehensive benefit plan and pleasant working environment. Jin Tay aims to do things right the first time. We believe that our clear shared vision, product quality, and excellent management are what make us a reliable and trusted company.

Our vision is to maintain our presence in the Greater China area.
Become a world-class enterprise with sustainable operation
Fulfill social responsibilities honestly,
And strive to increase customer satisfaction.
JTIC - Joining technology, innovation, and convenience, Jin Tay Industries Co., Ltd. is the best choice for locks and hardware.